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Stole & Boa is a London based company and the maker of luxurious silk scarves. Each design begins its life as a hand drawn piece of art and each drawing has been inspired by animals, plant life and nature in all her different forms. The drawings are then digitally printed onto silk fabric and the scarves are then finished with a hand rolled hem. These scarves are designed to make the owner feel that they are wrapped in something beautiful, unusual and luxurious. Each design has its own meaningful personal story by the artist and this is presented on a printed bookmark within the carefully designed packaging.

Adele Pearce is the founder of Stole & Boa and the creator of the artwork on Stole & Boa scarves. She is passionate about being aware of the beauty in animals, nature and its elements in all their forms. Her work is unpredictable and refreshing and she is constantly finding new subjects to peak her interest. Adele has an exciting mixture of cultures which has influenced her creativity. Even though she was born in the leafy suburbs of Chiswick, in London she spent periods of her life living in the warmth of the Caribbean. Though Adele has always been keenly interested in art, she learned her skills through tuition from private studios in Kensington. She travels as often as possible and always takes the time to notice the natural activity in each environment. It is this fusion of culture and experiences that inspires her work. She hopes that these scarf designs can draw attention to the spectacular beauty and indeed rarity of the nature surrounding us. She believes as many others do, that the world is forever changing and we want our children and theirs, to live in an environment where the unique beauty of nature is taken into consideration with progress.

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